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Thursday May 26th



Stirling is the Zone 15 Representative and the events manager of the Haworthia Society, with whom we had another successful show in 2015. He grows some amazing specimens of this, I think his “favourite” genus of plants, so I am sure he may be able to pass on some of his secrets. So we can perhaps given him a run for his money at the next joint show

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Bicester Boy – First flower

Having retired last year, moved from Scotland to Bicester, and finding a small greenhouse at my new house, I have started my first cactus collection. Bought a few plants last year. Installed a heater to keep temperature in greenhouse above 5˚C over winter. Some are just starting to flower with this Rebutia wessneriana the first in full bloom. Basic I know to the rest of you but thrilling for me. At least it shows I am doing something right!