Wantage wanderings

Spring watering is a good time to spot and remove dead plants. This is a sad business, but at least it releases SPACE. My two little greenhouses have been overfull for some years, so this is important. The deaths, by the way, were nearly all due to red spider or mealy bug infestation. My ‘permitted’ insecticides have had some effect, but it has been a losing battle. I am about to try SB Plant Invigorator for the first time, recommended to me by Gillian, and also the subject of a recent thread on the BCSS Forum.

Since my first (Windows Mail) post to this blog I have discovered how to get an image inline, which these blogs seem to require, rather than as an attachment. The answer is to use Rich Text (HTML) format and then Insert ¦ Picture. So here is the Aporocactus picture; I am informed that WordPress will resize it:


Wantage wanderings

Friday 20 May

Rechsteineria leucotricha has started growing at last. It has been watered on-and-off since early March along with everything else. but without budging. Last year it was in flower a week before this. Same location.

Aporocactus martianus has its lovely big blooms, as ever.